About Us

Our practice is focused exclusively in the areas of workplace investigations and training.

To ensure complete neutrality, we no longer represent any institutional or individual clients in employment and human rights law litigation process. (We are still involved in a few legacy litigation files, which are close to their conclusion, but we have not retained any litigation work as of January 1, 2019).

Prior to our exclusive focus on workplace investigations and training, we had served hundreds of institutional and individual clients for over a decade in all aspects of employment and human rights law.

We have created workplace policies, provided training and advised on a wide range of workplace issues. We have also represented clients in courts and tribunals throughout the litigation process.

As well, over the years, we have conducted neutral third-party workplace investigations for other employers, who were not our regular clients. Simply put, we understand each and every aspect of workplace issues that may arise in a workforce. 

Due to our deep understanding of workplace matters, we believe that productive workplaces successfully prevent disputes from reaching the courts by focusing on three areas.

First, they implement practical and effective workplace policies. Second, they invest in providing valuable training to their employees.Third, they conduct unbiased and thorough investigations when conflicts arise.

Within the employment law context, these are three areas that we are most passionate about, which is why we have decided to focus exclusively in these areas.