When you face complex, difficult and frustrating workplace issues, call us for help. We are experts in employment and human rights law. We represent both individuals and small to mid-size businesses.

As an established and trusted Toronto employment and labour law firm, employing some of the top employment lawyers in Toronto on staff, our track record of success in representing both individuals and employers in a variety of circumstances speaks for itself.

Our areas of expertise include:
* Wrongful dismissal / unlawful dismissal cases
* Contract negotiations
* Human rights disputes
* Workplace harassment cases
* Workplace discrimination cases
* Preventive law and preventive law training
* And much more…

Please review our website to learn how we can assist you in preventing workplace issues from arising in the first place.

Contact Amer Mushtaq directly at:
T: (416) 542-1616, amer@formativelaw.ca or natasha@formativelaw.ca