Helping You Help Yourself


In addition to the conventional practice, we provide support to self-represented litigants. In fact, we are one of the first and few law firms in Canada that offer services to self-represented litigants.


  1. Take a course: we have created You Counsel, which provides practical legal guidance through online courses.
  2. Post a Question/comment/experience: we have created youcounselforums where you can post a question or learn from the growing knowledge-base.
  3. Consultation by the minute: This applies when you have not retained us, but have basic questions that can be answered in a few minutes. You can sign up at Clarity for free and book a consultation  for $5.83/minute. We are amongst a handful of law firms across Canada that provide consultation by the minute because we understand our clients’ needs.
  4. Consultation by the hour: this is the usual legal consultation that you book for at least an hour directly with our  firm. To schedule a consultation, you can call us at 416.228.2057 or send an email to [email protected] or [email protected].
  5. Phone/skype/email: The majority of our advice to clients is through phone, Skype or email, but you are welcome to  visit us in person if you prefer.

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  • The Enforceability of A Resignation – The Basic Concepts [video]

    Can you simply say “I quit” and walk out of your employment? Can your employer refuse to accept your resignation? Can your employer terminate your employment during the resignation notice period? This lecture provides guidance on the fundamental law in Canada relating resignations. This lecture is taught by Amer Mushtaq, LL.B., M. Engineering , B.Sc.

  • Statement of Claim in a Civil Action in Ontario – Basics for Beginners [video]

    This lecture explains the basic concept of a statement of claim, it’s purpose in a civil action in Ontario and the rules to draft it. This lecture is taught by Amer Mushtaq, LL.B., M. Engineering , B.Sc. (Hons.), who is the Principal and Founder of Formative LLP.   Through his YouTube channel, YouCounsel, Amer shares practical

  • Ontario Civil Court Rules For Beginners [video]

    This lecture provides an introduction to Rules of the Court and particularly Ontario Rules of Civil Procedure. It is prepared for people with no legal background so they can understand the purpose of these rules, where to find them and what to do with them. This lecture is taught by Amer Mushtaq, LL.B., M. Engineering

  • Nanny Contracts in Canada – Basic Employment Law Concepts [video]

    When hiring nannies, most people have no understanding of the legal concepts that apply to that relationship. Is nanny an employee, or an independent contractor? Does a nanny have any rights under the provincial employment legislation? This lecture explains these basic concepts. This lecture is taught by Amer Mushtaq, LL.B., M. Engineering , B.Sc. (Hons.),

  • Employment Insurance Benefits – A Brief Overview [video]

    This lecture explains the various types of employment insurance benefits available to Canadians. The lecture also provides a brief overview of the eligibility requirements for regular benefits which may become due upon the end of employment. The lecture further explains the insurable hours, the amount and duration of regular benefits. This lecture is taught by

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