Helping You Help Yourself


In addition to the conventional practice, we provide support to self-represented litigants. In fact, we are one of the first and few law firms in Canada that offer services to self-represented litigants.


  1. Take a course: we have created You Counsel, which provides practical legal guidance through online courses.
  2. Post a Question/comment/experience: we have created youcounselforums where you can post a question or learn from the growing knowledge-base.
  3. Consultation by the minute: This applies when you have not retained us, but have basic questions that can be answered in a few minutes. You can sign up at Clarity for free and book a consultation  for $5.83/minute. We are amongst a handful of law firms across Canada that provide consultation by the minute because we understand our clients’ needs.
  4. Consultation by the hour: this is the usual legal consultation that you book for at least an hour directly with our  firm. To schedule a consultation, you can call us at 416.228.2057 or send an email to [email protected] or [email protected].
  5. Phone/skype/email: The majority of our advice to clients is through phone, Skype or email, but you are welcome to  visit us in person if you prefer.